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The sole purpose of an HVAC system is preserving air quality, and if done right it can save a lot of money in the long run. The system’s keeps the air inside your property of breathable quality and eliminates unwanted particles. These particles include dust particles, lint, hair and moisture; considered as contaminants, these particles must be eliminated through the ventilation system. Not all of it is released out of the house or office. These particles settle in and around the air vents, collecting over time and making it difficult for the HVAC system components to function efficiently. This leads to health issue for the residents and high energy costs for the system. Air duct cleaning San Diego has all that you need when it comes to enhancing the air quality of your home or office. We have the technical expertise and the value of experience in a number of HVAC system and components’ related issues.

The most problem areas in ventilation systems are the air ducts, the dryer vent, and crawlspace and attic. These are areas where a majority of the problems for the ventilation system are rooted in. The air ducts allows the passage of air mixed with dust, mites, hair, lint, dander, insect particles, soot and moisture. These particles when combined within the confines of an air duct, settle inside the vent. The system is then unable to function as expected, causing the particles to be released back inside the house. The crawlspace and attic are common places for rodent infestations and insulation damages. These insulation is what keeps the temperature regulated and safeguards the ducts from external elements. Rodent infestation is a major cause for insulation damage as well as water damage caused water coming through the entry points. The dryer vent is exposed to moisture and lint all the time, which clogs the innards after a certain point in time and lets the moisture back in. This is a common cause for mold and mildew, which are hazardous to human and pet health. Air duct cleaning San Diego is a team of experienced specialists that can help you keep the air in your property breathable, safe from contaminants and reduce energy bills.

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