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Has there been a mold problem in your home, lately? Is the dryer too noisy? Does the dryer room feel stuffy? Well, you’ve got yourselves a choker. Yes, the dryer vent has been clogged and it will not allow the moisture form the dryer to go out as smoothly as it once did. The clog is caused by lint, dust, moisture and hair, a common cause for vent malfunction. At Dryer vent cleaning San Diego, we have all the expertise there is for dryer vent and other ventilation problems. Dryer vent cleaning San Diego CA understands what exactly is going on with the system and we are just a phone call away from a thorough inspection of your home. A dryer vent is a common residence for lint, dust and moisture and if not maintained regularly your home is at a health risk. In fact, lint collecting in the vents is a potential fire hazard. A dryer vent that is maintained well will function efficiently and reduce stress over the dryer, ensuring energy efficiency.

Negative pressure is necessary in cases where the system is maintained regularly, however systems that are not kept clean will require brushing along with negative pressure, which also increases the cost of service by a certain margin. To avoid the extra damage to your pockets ensure that the dryer vent system is looked after regularly.

Some common symptoms that indicate an issue with the dryer vent are:

  • Dust and lint collecting on and around the exos fans
  • Dust or lint collecting around the dryer
  • Dryer needs extra cycles
  • Condensation on the laundry room windows. (severe cases)
  • The dryer stops working

Dryer vent cleaning San Diego CA is your best bet anywhere in the state of Washington. For problems with the dryer vent We provide a full inspection of systems on arrival. This inspection will be undertaken by a team highly skilled and certified technicians. Dryer vent cleaning San Diego CA is known for employing the highest grade of technology and techniques by experienced professionals that have knowledge almost every kind of dryer vent problems. When you look for dryer vent cleaning companies in Washington, you will find that only Dryer vent cleaning San Diego CA focuses on service excellence and total customer satisfaction.

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